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Encrypted Data Recovery

Encrypted Data Recovery

All businesses and institutions use some tool for encryption to protect email archives, payment databases and other important information. Softwares like EFS, Bitlocker and Guardian Edge can greatly improve corporate security, but they can also create data access issues.

Data Engineers Data Recovery Services offers professional data recovery for all encryption systems, including but not limited to PGP, TrueCrypt, Guardian Edge, BitLocker and EFS. Our engineers have decades of combined experience with all popular cipher algorithms, and we offer excellent recovery rates with safe media controls.

Our process involves the following steps:
  • Analyzing - We analyze your media to create an effective plan for recovery. In some cases, we can provide a list of recoverable files depending on the features of your encryption softwares.
  • Physical Repairs - If media has physical damage, we perform repairs in a Certified Class ISO Cleanroom. Our Cleanroom allows fewer contaminants per cubic foot of space, providing an exceptional environment for repairing hard drives, solid-state drives, tape cartridges and other media. We keep our Cleanroom certification up to date and offer easy access to our laboratory audit reports.
  • Logical Repairs - We treat corrupted and deleted data with specialized utilities after creating a bit-by-bit clone of the original media. Data Engineers Data Recovery Services invests heavily in research and development, and we offer high recovery rates for deleted, overwritten, and corrupted data with hardware or software encryption.
  • Recovered Data - After recovering data from file , we can return your files in an encrypted or decrypted format. Data Engineers Data Recovery Services offers customized data recovery options, and we will work to deliver turnaround and return media options that fit your business's needs.

We recover your Encrypted Files Infected from any Ransomware Virus or any other Applications.Many of us have facing these problem but we have unique solution for this.