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Email Data Recovery

Email Data Recovery

Data Engineers Data Recovery provides specialized email recovery services which targets files that have been deleted or archives that are corrupted and no longer able to open. With Data Engineers data recovery, we can send you backup file that is able to open and will contain most, if not all, of the original communications and attachments that were present before the failure occurred.

Causes Of Email Data Loss

There are Severals ways in which email data can be lost. In present scenario the majority of our correspondence is covered through email, so when those are lost it can be devastating to your business. It goes beyond business however, it can be even more heartbreaking when you’ve lost personal communications between family and friends. We can see a wide range of causes for email files to be lost…

  • Device failure, or hard drive crash
  • Accidental deletion of the email archive
  • Corruption due to a virus
  • Corruption due to anti-virus programs
  • Large numbers of emails stored in various folders
  • Operating system crash, which causes email archive corruption

  • By repairing file damage and corruption, we can restore access to virtually any type of file or email archives.