{Solved} Disk Unknown Not Initialized in Windows 10/8/7/2008, How to Fix?

Here are some of the pictures of Disk Management for your reference:

Picture 1.

Image result for hard drive unallocated not initialized

Picture 2.

Image result for hard drive unallocated not initialized

Picture 3.

Image result for hard drive unallocated not initialized

Picture 4.

Image result for hard drive unallocated not initialized

Reasons For Error:

  • Disk unknown not initialized issue can be caused by various reasons like virus infection, file system damage, bad sectors, MBR corruption, partition loss, etc.
  • Sometimes due to Power Surge this error is occurred, For Example:  When Hard Drive is connected with Laptop or PC & Multiple times you wake the System from sleep mode, that sudden power surge also creates this kind of issues.
  • Sometimes this error is due to a faulty USB Port. ( Faulty USB Port is not giving proper Power Supply to the Drive )

Solution For Error:

  • Just right-click My Computer –> Manage to run Disk Management, Here, right-click the hard drive and click “Initialize Disk“. In the dialog box, select the disk(s) to initialize and choose MBR or GPT partition style.

Initialize the hard drive to fix disk unknown not initialized error

  • If Data is not Important and you just want to fix the drive, please continue with these steps :

                    a) After Initializing the drive successfully by selecting the partition style, Right Click on Unallocated partition & Click New Simple Volume, and continue clicking Next, Next Till end.

Image result for disk create partition

b) Now Go to My Computer and you can find a New Partition with the same size of the Hard Drive.

  • If Data is very important, Please Don’t try to create partition or do any research finding a solution, Free Data Recovery Software might help or might not, if data is very important don’t try any other activity, it can also cause critical damage which may decrease chances of data recovery or may increase the Price of Data Recovery from a Data Recovery Professional.
  • If, while Initializing the Disk, it gives some kind of Error message & not able to initialize the disk, immediately remove the drive from the system and don’t try to connect it again.

Image result for disk initialize error

Image result for disk initialize error

Please Note: This is not a random case error for which you can find a solution online, It’s better to consult a Data Recovery Professional, (They don’t charge just for diagnosing) No Data No Charge Policy.

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